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Reduce your monthly cost of electricity bill use T8 LED tube and save almost 50% energy . T8 LED tube is fully no mercury and completely recyclable

Is it worth swapping out your tried-and-true fluorescent tubes with T-8 LED tubes? Discuss various configurations with and without ballasts. I think it will be eventually, but current LEDs have quality issues with strobing and stories of early failure, besides being expensive.

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Can Cree finish off fluorescent lighting with its new LED?

Over 2B fluorescent bulbs account for 42 % of all lighting electricity consumed, per the US Department of Energy. Cree's new T8 LED, a tubular bulb designed to fit into 90 percent of existing T-8 fluorescent ballasts -- no rewiring necessary. Uses 21 watts to produce 2,100 lumens' worth of light at a color temperature of 3,500K or 4,000K, & rated to last 50,000 hours. Boasts an impressive CRI (color rendering index) of 90.

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Tubo led T-8 LED 18W 120cm 6000k orientable

Louis Poulsen - Silverback LED Wand- und Deckenleuchte Ø 295 mm, warmweiß, 1-10V Weiß T:8 Jetzt bestellen unter:

Add new LED light fixture at your business and save money while enjoying the colorful tone of LED lighting.

Louis Poulsen - Silverback LED Wand- und Deckenleuchte Ø 295 mm, warmweiß, 1-10V Weiß T:8 Jetzt bestellen unter:

Vaporlight 4' T-8 Fluorescent Vapor Proof Light and Wet Location Fixture Fits F32T8 - Led Household Light Bulbs - AmazonSmile

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use LED bulbs to cut your energy bill in half!

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30" Large Art Deco Streamline Tubular LED Sconce (30-LRG-LED) This lighting source is a specially designed LED fixture using a 2 foot LED tube with T-8 holders.Yes, the tube is a “contrax” tube which means it has deco scalloped lines for it’s design. A very effective deco motif and very hard to get nowadays.

Vintage Hardware & Lighting - Green Energy Light, LED Replacements For 4-Foot T-8 Fluorescent Tubes 4100 Kelvin (48-300-41K)

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Our T-8 tube is assembled here in the US and has the highest ROI around. #save #energyefficient #gogreen

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Let Lighting & Energy Designs Inc. help you provide the lowest prices of LED T-8 tubes to your clients! We are ready to ship our USA assembled, high quality T-8 tubes anywhere in the US!

LED T-8 tubes are available at low prices which have an incredible ROI for businesses. Jump on the ‪#‎LED‬ train today! ‪#‎greenplanet‬ #LED

[+1] 4 Foot LED Light Ceiling Fixture Display Coolers (T-8 LED-48 TWIN, 5 Fixture Pack)

We are ready to ship our latest delivery of ‪#‎LED‬ T-8 tubes to ‪distributors‬, ‪‎electricians‬ and ‪contractors‬ - best prices in ‪#‎lighting‬ ‪market‬! 5 year warranty. 50,000 hours life of bulbs. Lowest priced lights assembled in USA!