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PHOENIX. Silver Hair Spikes

Jewellery isn't just for your neck and your fingers it is for your hair too. #regalrose #hairstyle #goth Photo: @obsidiankerttu

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Don't forget to check todays vlog to be a part of a fun discount code! The link to my vlog is in my bio @emitaz

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I love you all too><< it is written in the Fever Code!!! Omg, he loves me.

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↳ “Lelouch Kingdom” ▸ | VK

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The Fever Code (Maze Runner - Book 0.6) by James Dashner

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Morse Code For Survival #lol #haha #funny

Morse Code For Survival #lol #haha #funny

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I don't think we'll ever get the answers :/ << I think we'll only get more pain

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Use the code AVDIOPHILE to receive an additional 15% off on Daniel Wellington products! There is free shipping worldwide and wonderful bundles deals on their website!

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Funny but I wouldn't kill James Dashner cuz then we wouldn't get Fever Code....

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That morse code doesn't even mean anything.

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Get the app mercari for high end makeup for a discount/free! Just use the code GWEUBP when you sign up to get $2 in credit!

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Cry. Crying is what we're supposed to do... And pray for the Kill Order and Fever Code movie!!

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I can't wait for the Fever Code. Does someone know when it will be realased?

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I love Stitch Fix! A personalized styling service and it's amazing!! Simply fill out a style profile with sizing and preferences. Then your very own stylist selects 5 pieces to send to you to try out at home. Keep what you love and return what you don't. Only a $20 fee which is also applied to anything you keep. Plus, if you keep all 5 pieces you get 25% off! Free shipping both ways. Schedule your first fix using the link below! #stitchfix @stitchfix. Stitchfix Fall 2016. Stitchfix Winter…

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Let's try this! tested: doesn't work :(

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Maybe ... I still haven't seen where this has been confirmed. Just a very popular fan theory.

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My friend got me this SWEET Shiny (Male) Salandit for me, so now I'll share the QR Code with you awesome people! Shiny Pokémon QR Codes.

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I don't know how long I can wait for this book bc i will probably finish the death cure in a month or two.

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Hau and Lillie

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Mini Vegan Blackberry Cheesecakes

How to make Mini Vegan Blackberry Cheesecakes.

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Isn't this ironic- forbidden to speak native languages and then, one day that is critical in the war to save this nation

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They're brother and sister y'all. I can't believe it just wow. Read the fever code if u don't get it

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