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When you twist, turn, or jam your #ankle, check for damage by looking for these ankle #sprain symptoms:


Ankle Sprains are a common injury that occur from over stretching or tearing of the ligaments that support the ankle. It can happen when you take part in any sports activities or when you simply step on an uneven surface. Symptoms of an ankle sprain can include the following. To learn more about other foot & ankle conditions, visit


Cuboid Subluxation Syndrome is a Pain on the Outside of Your Foot | Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas, LLP


Crossed-leg test to detect high ankle (syndesmotic) sprain. A high ankle sprain will cause pain in the syndesmosis area(arrows) when pressure is applied to the medial side of the knee.


A sprain is a common joint injury caused by a ligament being stretched beyond its capacity. Symptoms of such injuries include swelling, bruising, pain and reduced mobility in the effected area. Sprains can be caused by anything from taking a misplaced step to playing a sport and transferring weight incorrectly.Although some sprains may require medical attention, the vast majority simply require time and some basic treatment at home to heal them completely. The following guide details…


Exercises While in Bed From a Broken Ankle

I used these when my achilles was sprained. Exercises While In Bed From A Broken Ankle | LIVESTRONG.COM. I don't have a broken ankle but this is great for one of those days I just don't want to move


Ankle Sprain or Twisted Ankle: Grading, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Torn Ligaments in Ankle, Swelling and Bruising Pictures and How to Heal a Sprained Ankle

5 days after surgery to insert a plate and screws to repair my husband's broken ankle, we had a chance to assess the scars, swelling and bruising. First photo after broken ankle surgery.


Sinus Tarsi Syndrome causes pain over the outer side of the foot