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Increased ICP Symptoms (0 - 15) = Normal Ranges **Any patient that becomes acutely unconscious, regardless of the cause should be suspected of having ↑ ICP** Causes: · Mass lesion (tumor) · Cerebral edema: o Can lead to SIADH or DI o Do NOT lay flat (might have edema in brain) o Reaches peak in 2 – 4 days, then subsides unless there is underlying pathology (cancer, DM, etc.) o Treatment: § Mannitol § Hypertonic Saline § Surgery (depending on cause trauma v. brain tumor) · NOT done if…

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Brain Lobes And Function Chart | figure 2 the brain is composed of three parts the brainstem cerebellum ...

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If you hit your head, here’s when you should see the doctor [infographic]

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Scary statistics about concussions

Grace Walker physical and occupational therapist at Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center likes this article!

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The number one cause of lower-back pain is a tight hip flexor (or psoas). It happens to everyone and is usually caused by sitting down; another cause is sleeping on your side in a fetal position.

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Behavioral problems of people with TBI complicate recover. The list of behavioral dysfunction ranges from emotionally labile (mood swings), depression, and hyperactivity to aggression, sexual inappropriateness, and elopement (running away). Even lack of activity, or initation, can be a behavioral problem. In addition, psychological reactions to traumatic brain injury as well as predisposition to psychiatric abnormalities can be factors in behavorial complications.

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