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Forbidden History: Did You Know That Raggedy Ann is an Iconic Symbol For Vaccine-induced Injury and Death?


Shortcuts for Making the Copyright Symbol on Windows and Mac

Easy instructions and shortcuts for creating the copyright symbol on a Windows and Mac computer - a symbol photographers use daily

Wearing a #SafetyPin is a Symbol of Solidarity for Those Opposed to Trumpism and Hate


Gilded Alchemy Symbol for Copper

Gilded Alchemy Symbol for Copper | My love for Copper borders on obsessive and getting the alchemical symbol for copper as a tattoo would be so awesome!


This symbol is commonly known as a standard planetary symbol for Earth. Logically, the circle symbolizes the globe; the Earth itself. The cross has variable symbolic meaning (four "corners" of the earth, four directions, four seasons, four clans of mankind, four virtues, etc).


the Seal of Solomon. The symbol is representative of the combination of opposites and transmutation. By combining the alchemical symbols for fire (upwards triangle) and water (downwards triangle), the alchemical symbols for earth and air are also created. The downwards facing triangle is divided along the center by the base line of the opposite triangle.


LGBTQ Symbols for Pride and Recognition

Information and pictures of some symbols used by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities for pride and recognition.