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C switch statement, allows us to take decisions and change the program flow. The switch statement, is a more elegant way to take decisions.

C++ Guide

This is the ultimate guide to C ++ programming language. Our 4-page guide includes detailed information on: numbers and characters, operators, if/else command, arrays, switch statements, loops, functions, sharing variables, and advanced functions. Browse and download thousands of educational eBooks,


أساسيات البرمجة سي شارب الجمل الشرطية المتداخلة C# - nested switch Statements

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Using the Switch() Statement as Sequencing Control


Learn the Objective-C Switch Statement

Learn how to use the Objective-C switch statement to control logic flow in iOS app programs. Complete how to examples.

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This would be a very fun activity the first week of school! Teacher says a statement (ex. Switch sides if you like hot dogs more than pizza.) and the students either stay or move. The kids could also talk about why they did/didn't move. Fun back to school ice breaker!