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The epitome of watch making comes in the form of the Mondaine Evo Watch with Alarm. A miniature wrist version of the classic Swiss Railways clock designed by Hans Hilfiker in 1944.   The Evo Alarm watch features a Stainless Steel case with a polished finish which compliments perfectly against the black Leather strap. The Clock face then has a white finish with Black index markers and the iconic red second hand. The alarm arrow also features a red top so you can see where it is set at.  …

Swiss Railways Clock

Swiss Railway Watch In the 1940s, Swiss engineer and designer Hans Hilfiker created the famous Swiss Railway Clock with its highly visible, red second hand. Today the wristwatch, with the same characteristic bold, clean features as the clock, is a classic.  Own It


Mondaine Ultra Thin Men's Mesh

Mondaine is introducing a new Ultra-thin collection called Simply Elegant.  Mondaine has always been a leader in design, using the instantly recognizable Swiss Railways Clock dial, emulating the time-honored design present in every Swiss train station. $349.99