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Swedish (svenska) is a North Germanic language with around 9 million speakers mainly in Sweden and Finland, and also in Estonia, Norway, Canada and the USA. It is closely related to Norwegian and Danish and is mutually intelligible with them to a large extent, particularly in its written form. (...)

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ELSA BESKOW, "M-morot, O-orn och R-ros". Signed E.B. From " Vill du läsa I", page 2, picture 2, 3, .... - The Spring Classic Sale, Stockholm 562 – Bukowskis

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I re-posted this because I really want to learn this language...for me and for my love... Learning Swedish this is how you pronounce the alphabet. All the vowels are long, so A is pronounced Aaah and B is pronounced Beh, C is Seh and so on.

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