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Beautiful swan. Makes me think of the swans in Springbank Park in Ontario, swimming through the willows along the waters edge.

4 Free as a bird? Never. Human intelligence is far too advanced to ever be free as that of a bird.


<** "The Swan," with Yo-Yo Ma. Exquisite Cello Piece. "Le Cygne illustrates the fleeting nature of beauty, with its interpretation of the legend of the "swan song." This piece soothes and calms one.


A Swan in Sheffield Park ~ Sussex, England.

Beautiful relationship! Mother swan, with baby cygnet. So sweet! More


no comment - via: calmingeyecandy - Imgend here to find out more More

The TRUMPETER SWAN is a species of swan found in North America. The heaviest living bird native to North America, it is also the largest living species of waterfowl with a wingspan that may exceed 10 ft. Adults usually measure 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 feet long. Around 85% of the world's breeding population is found in Alaska


Swan this I also would like to do in origami foldind techniques because I think there are many ways how to do it. Some of them are easy and basic and another are harder and nicer when it is finished.


99% of swans only have one partner their their whole lifetime, if the mate dies the swan can pass away from a broken heart. Although, 1% has been observed to move on and find a new partner.

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36 Amazing Animal Hugging Photos

1-3-16 Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become {one flesh}? So they are no longer two but {one flesh} What therefore YAH has joined together, let not man separate.~Matthew 19:5:6*