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absolutely insanely intense book.....Eric Kripke titled the famous season 5 finale after this book.

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[SET OF GIFS] Jensen and Jared talk about Dean's prosthetic makeup in 5x22 Swan Song at convention panel

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Swan Song will haunt me (in the best possible way) for the rest of my life, such a fantastically done episode

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The Impala "baby" -5x22 "Swan Song" #Supernatural

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5x22 Swan Song / 11x04 Baby | Supernatural

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Misha Collins talks about Jensen in Swan Song at convention panel

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Once Upon A Blog...: Syfy's Swan Song "Face Off" Finale

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[gifset] 5x22 Swan Song #SPN #Dean #LisaBraeden I really liked Lisa and Dean together...

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led zeppelin album covers - Google Search

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Emma Swan and Regina - 5 * 11 "Swan Song"

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She Did Not Want To Let Him Go 5x11

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Swan Song . . .

orange you lucky!: Swan Song . . .

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And I thought "Swan Song" was devastating...Parallels 5x12 "Swan Song" and 5x20 "Firebird" #onceuponatime #CaptainSwan

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See it starts out all cute and funny like oh haha Dean is miss American pie teehee and then it's like oh yeah I forgot about all these feels - it's a good thing season 9 has ripped out so much of my heart that I've got room for more. Thanks Sam! T.T

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Cas has picked up on Winchester logic

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[gifs] 5x22 Swan Song - Apparently someone felt like drawing some extra awesomeness into this scene

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[SET OF GIFS] "No doubt, endings are hard. But then again, nothing ever really ends, does it?"

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[SET OF GIFS] Four times. Dean's loved ones have overcome mind control for him four times. 1x22 Devil's Trap, 5x01 Sympathy for the Devil, 5x22 Swan Song, and 8x17 Goodbye Stranger

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Community Post: 10 Times "Supernatural" Made You Sob Like A Small Child

Dean won’t leave Sam ( “Swan Song”) | Community Post: 10 Times "Supernatural" Made You Sob Like A Small Child || THE BEST EPISODE OF SUPERNATURAL "Swan Song" #Dean #Sam (﹂︹﹂ა) FEELINGS!!!

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Swan Song Toe-up Socks pattern by Wendy D. Johnson

Lana Del Rey #LDR #Swan_Song

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Baby. (the show's best monologue ever) #Supernatural #SwanSong

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Chuck's monologue about the Impala 5x22 Swan Song

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Swan Sky ~ woodcut illustrations ~ Keizaburo Tejima

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