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Previous pinner: "Star Trek is a study of humanity; space, encountering new life forms, and the Romulans are just the vehicles we use to explore that subject."

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Podcast: Tools of Titans With Tim Ferriss

Podcast: Tools of Titans with Tim Ferriss

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Survivorship Bias - The Misconception: You should focus on the successful if you wish to become successful. The Truth: When failure becomes invisible, the difference between failure and success may also become invisible

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You Are Not So Smart is a blog I started to publicly explore our self delusions through narrative journalism.

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5 Common Mental Errors That Stop You From Making Good Decisions

"5 Common Mental Errors That Stop You From Making Good Decisions" The Confirmation Bias: "Confirmation bias refers to our tendency to search for and favor information that confirms our beliefs while simultaneously ignoring or devaluing information that contradicts our beliefs."

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The Survivorship Bias convinces people that psychics are real

I got Dr. Peter Venkman! Which Halloween Costume Should You Wear? Ghostbusters but well maybe

A compilation of startup failure post-mortems by founders and investors. No survivorship bias here.

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