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Suri Alpaca

Suri alpaca. Suri and huacaya are not really separate breeds but in fact indicate different genetic fleece phenotypes. When crossbreeding the suri gene is dominant and the huacaya gene recessive. The suri's fleece falls close to the body, moves freely, and gives the animal a lustrous, flat-sided appearance. Suri alpaca fiber is made into coats or jackets that exhibit a warm, luxurious luster.

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Suri alpacas produce a thinner, silkier fiber that works well for sweaters, scarves, hats, blankets and socks that will last a lifetime.

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Planning for Alpacas - Cost, Care, Cuteness

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Suri Alpaca fleece has the lustrous, penciled fiber that hangs down in "dreadlocks", giving the suri alpaca an entirely different appearance. Fibers of both types are considered luxury fibers in the textile trade because of their unique qualities.

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A Guide to Spinning Alpaca: Fiber from Huacaya Alpaca to Suri Alpaca (and beyond) - free ebook from Spinning Daily

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Alpaca facts: trivia about knitters' fluffy friends

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Don't Miss These Free Yarn Spinning Projects & Tutorials

Spinning Daily: A Guide to Spinning Alpaca. A free ebook guide to spinning the fleece of these delightful animals with instructions on both Huacaya and Suri fleeces. (Sign up is needed)

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