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Magawd!! I just love this guy even more after this... I mean, yeah he defends Lucifer because he actually /plays/ him, but lakjslaks my feels

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up to s11 [gifset] - The many characters Misha Collins has played in Supernatural - I can't pick a favorite... I don't even think I could name one I didn't like

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Supernatural: Lucifer---- I feel like I need to pin this because people who don't watch Supernatural are probably wondering what these clothes have to do with Lucifer and why would we want to dress like satan. I find it hilarious.

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Supernatural Imagine (One-shot, Smut, Fluff)

Jensen/Dean, Jared/Sam, Misha/Cas, Mark/Lucifer, Richard/Gabriel, Matt/John/Michael, Sebastian/Balthazar, Ty/Benny, Mark/Crowley - cool graphics!

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