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Recently began replaying this game. Everything makes a lot more sense when you're not five... Daar zijn wij het helemaal mee eens!

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scottmattlewis: I’ve always liked the early 90s style Mario promo art. I wanted to try emulating it using Mario Sunshine as a base.

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Um.. he does know that boats circle the island on their routes and the shore isn't that far, right? #SuperMarioSunshine #GameCube #Mario

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boy pictres mario | ... Mario Sunshine"(Click here to play a Flash "Super Mario Sunshine" game

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super mario sunshine | Novo Milênio: JOGOS - Super Mario Sunshine chega para Gamecube

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Super Mario Sunshine DLC by YAMsgarden on DeviantArt

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A Link to the Past 2: Drawing Link got a problem with Mario from Super Mario Sunshine! #ALttP2

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