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Now how come this Fishy isn't Super Junior's Visual? (No hate on Siwon, I'm just sayin'...)

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Super Junior's Donghae Is Featured on Esquire Magazine and Elle Magazine | Koogle TV

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Super Junior's Donghae in CeCi September 2012 - what is it about a guy wearing a button up shirt that is just so hot?

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Follow @SuJuPacks on Twitter! #SuperJunior #Super #Junior #Wallpaper #Lockscreen #Shindong Shindong Super Junior #Eunhae Eunhyuk Hyukjae Donghae #Huykjae

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I'm starting to strongly believe that Donghae has strong feelings towards Sehun but Sehun dgaf

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GIF - The fish prince has returned to the water! He looks dumb and hot ?????? Donghae oppa!!!!!

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