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Send a box of sunshine. How sweet. To show someone you are thinking of them or to brighten up their day consider giving them a Box of Sunshine! Basically you can take anything in the color yellow and add it to this box. Cut out a few paper sunbeams, print out a little note and you have a Box of Sunshine!


Box of sunshine care package! Yellow themed care package, great for military care packages, college care packages, missionary care packages, ect. For this theme, everything inside was yellow/orange. Inside, I put Lays potato chips, Gushers, Ritz crackers, Zours (his favorite candy), hand wipes, gun, lemonade packets, tissues, Canadian maple candy, and Goldfish. :)


Send someone a box of sunshine to brighten their day! DIY care package for kids or adults. List of ideas and items you can include in a box of sunshine. Popular with the Poplins