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sunset calendar for Hays,Kansas.. have outdoor ceremony at Frontier Park 2 hours before sunset..using a tent should be shady enough-especially in the month of june

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A site that will create a moon phase and sunrise/sunset calendar for your location (or one close to you)

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Salt Lake City time to Essen time. Time difference between Salt Lake City, USA (MDT) and Essen, Germany (CEST).

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Iris Folding Patterns Free Printables | Iris Folding @ Landscape/Seascape Pattern

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Weeks are numbered out by date. I was losing track with all the counting, and we're in single digits. ;)

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Rise - The Sunrise Sunset Calendar. A iPhone app for the times for sunrise and sunset around the world.

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When to plant vegetables. Perfect for our soon to be new vegetable garden along the side of the house

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