In Sanskrit, Chandra means “Moon”. Moon Salutes are an excellent alternative to Sun Salutations. While Sun Salutations are warming and energetic, Moon Salutations are intended to be cooling and soothing. Moon Salutations target the sides of the body instead of the front and back, as Sun Salutations do. Think sun as masculine energy, moon as feminine. Light of day, dark of night. Ying and Yang ༺♡༻ WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™ #wildwomansisterhood #yoga

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Do you know what your yoga mat is made of? Make sure your yoga mat is organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Check out our brand new 100% TPE Eco-Friendly, Non-Slip, Anti-Bacterial Yoga Mat! ~Namaste Nation Yoga~

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Coordinating the breath with each posture will energise and invigorate.

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Do the sequence once a day... and breathe. you will feel better. I promise... Don't buy anything.. just start.

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While the Sun Salutation sequence is fiery, intense and strength-building, the Moon Prayer Salutation is soothing and quieting, ideal for days where you just feel worn out and need a calming pick-me-up. Best done in the evening, the sequence pays...

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