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During the summer months, the Summer Triangle star formation lights the sky from dusk until dawn. It consists of three bright stars: Vega in the constellation Lyra, Deneb in the constellation Cygnus, and Altair in the constellation Aquila.


The brightest star in Aquila is Altair, "the eagle," a white star that is about 17 light-years from Earth. Altair is the southern point of a pattern of three bright stars called the Summer Triangle. (Deneb, in the constellation Cygnus, forms the triangle's northeastern point. Vega, in Lyra, the harp, is in the northwest. Altair is nice and bright and easy to find right up to the beginning of winter.)


Great rift of Milky Way passes through the constellation Cassiopeia and the Summer Triangle. href='' target=_blank' target=_blank>Click her for a larger photo

Summer_Triangle: The Summer Triangle and Milky Way. Image via NASA/ESA Altair shines a bit below center, while fainter Deneb is found at left center and the brightest star of the Summer Triangle, Vega, at upper left of center