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Neon number is nothing but the sum of digits of square of the number is equal to the number. Example : Input number 9 Square the number 9 * 9 and it come to 81 Sum the digits of the square number 8 + 1 = 9 If the number is equal to the sum of the square number then it is a neon number and if it is not then it is not a neon number.

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Sum of Squares Abstract Art Print

Sum of Squares Abstract Art Print by SapphireMoonArt on Etsy

Coconut Gelatin Squares were one of my favourite sweet treats from childhood dim sum memories. It must have been the early sign of m...


Hyperbolic tilings of Mona-Lisa In Euclidean geometry you can only use triangles, squares or hexagons if you want to tile the plane using regular polygons. The total angle when rotating around a vertex of a polygon must be 360 degrees, and since the angles of all regular polygons depend on the angle sum of a triangle, these are the only options in Euclidean geometry. In non-Euclidean geometry, the angle sum of a triangle is either larger or less than 180 degrees. In hyperbolic geometry…

(1) ANOVA 1: Calculating SST (total sum of squares) | Analysis of variance | Inferential statistics | Probability and statistics | Khan Academy

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Super Easy Lemon Bars

Using only 5 simple ingredients & a very quick preparation time, this is the easiest & best lemon bars recipe I've ever tried in almost 40 years of baking.

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Mom’s Famous Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies

Mom's Famous Marshmallow Brownies from Six Sisters' Stuff | Our mom gets asked to bring these brownies to every single social gathering! This is one of the best desserts!


ANOVA 1: Calculating SST (total sum of squares) | Probability and Statistics | Khan Academy - YouTube

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Pumpkin cheesecake bars

So easy to make and with the right amount of pumpkin flavor, these pumpkin cheesecake bars taste exactly like a cheesecake that crossed paths with a pumpkin pie – the best of both worlds!


Curiosa Mathematica : Geometrically deriving a closed expression for square pyramidal numbers