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Sugar gliders are "squee" cute and lots of fun, but are they right for you? Learn the top 10 things to expect when you own sugar gliders.

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How to Care for a Sugar Bear Glider Pet

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12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are nocturnal--and noisy. They communicate with chirps, barks, and hisses. Also, because they're active at night, you can expect to hear ...

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A recommended Sugar Glider Diet consists of three parts: • A serving of fruits • A serving of veggies • A serving of the staple mix And ALL three of these parts are to be fed EVERY NIGHT. A staple is...

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For those with small curious animals like sugar gliders & rats, this is a good way to make sure they can get out of the toilet if they happen to get in.

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How to Care for a Sugar Bear Glider Pet

Adorable Sugar Glider!!! I want one!!!

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List of Foods That Sugar Gliders Can Eat

Sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps) are insectivores and omnivores -- they eat insects, meat and vegetation, but not all foods are suitable for sugar g...

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how to trim nails VERY IMPORTANT! Some suggie-parents have noticed that their gliders distrust them after clippings, so many opt to ask a vet or the local pet store to clip their nails instead. We take Milo and the kids to AAA Exotic Pets

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