Sixteen-year-old suffragette Dora Thewlis is arrested by two policemen on 20 March 1907 [689 × 940] - Imgur

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"No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex."

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Suffragettes. Not only could women not vote, but it was ILLEGAL to use, distribute, or consult women regarding any form of birth control. LADIES- DO WE REALLY WANT TO TURN BACK TIME AND ALLOW POLITICIANS TO CONTROL OUR REPRODUCTION RIGHTS?

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Songsheet of The March of the Women, 1911. Songsheet in the suffragette colours of purple, green and white, showing women and children marching with the banner of the Womens Social and Political Union, demanding votes for women. This anthem was written by Ethel Smyth in 1911 and was dedicated to Emmeline Pankhurst, a leading campaigner in the suffragette movement.

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This 1909 poster, advertising the weekly suffragette newspaper Votes for Women, was designed by Hilda Dallas (1878-1958)

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UK -- The 'Suffragette Look' as worn by Norah Balls. The suffragette uniform was introduced in 1908. During the winter months members of the WSPU were required to wear 'full dress uniform' of a ' white frock with regalia and colours' to all indoor meetings and breakfast receptions. During the summer months this uniform was also worn to all outdoor processions and rallies. Artist/Photographer/Maker Women's Social and Political Union

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