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Subwoofer box builder

A pal of mine borrowed these from the builder and used them with various Lowther and Fostex drivers; they sounded pretty bad. I have heard some very good single driver systems by the way; thought I'd make that clear; a pal has Lowther's in Medallions and they sound very good. He uses an EQ network to tame the Lowther and a subwoofer to add balance. Another pal used Lowthers in Hedlund horns, those were nice.


home office. Calgary - K&W Audio. This home office is media central. The client can access movies, Internet and TV on the corner mounted TV while working in either a MAC or PC OS. Under the TV we have a fantastic sounding Tube Amplifier feeding High end Martin Logan speakers for state of the art music while you work. There's a powerful subwoofer hidden under the desk too. The right wiring, by K&W Audio - laid in years ago by this forward thinking builder makes this high tech retreat.


Lars Tørressen is a qualified and dedicated DIY-oriented audiophile from Bergen, Norway. His current system is presented here.


JBL 2360 - new install I so want that horn.. Looks crazy especially the horn but sheer quality.