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123 Switch! (Game to Practice Adding/Subtraction Integers) (A Sea of Math)

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Integer Addition and Subtraction page. After answering all of the questions, students color in according to the key at the top of the page. The finished product is a fish! Answer key is a different pin.

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FREE Adding and Subtracting Integers Lesson

This lesson is a great way to introduce adding and subtracting integers! It gives students a helpful visual to really understand integer operations rather than simply memorizing rules.

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This site is filled with middle school math games, and is great for high achieving elementary students. Gifted kids will love this site!

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FREE! These integers math stations are perfect to engage students in analyzing integers. Students will develop a deep understanding of adding and subtracting integers after completing these math stations.There are four math stations. Adding Integers with a Number Line: students will write integer problems given a problem modeled on a number line.

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