Home Depot - Foil sound barrier styrofoam panels............................... styrofoam insulation with sound barrier foil on them. They are 4' wide by 8' tall, weigh about 3 pounds each, and are only $10.00 a panel.

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To help with heating and cooling our house, we insulated over our hideaway attic stairs by making a box type frame out of Styrofoam insulation to fit over the stairs opening.

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DIY Cheap Tufted Headboard- Made with a piece of $10 styrofoam insulation board and faux fabric buttons by Over The Apple Tree

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Make a custom window valance for $10 using sheets of foam insulation you buy at the home improvement store. Step-by-step photo tutorial.

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Basement Vapor Barrier - Basement Insulation Issues - looking for ways to frame over styrofoam insulation. Have 1 3/4" between styrofoam and back of electrical outlets.

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I used carved styrofoam insulation board as is pretty common now. The only thing I think make mine stand out from some that I've seen on other sites is that I didn't want them to look too new. I wanted the look of old, cracked and pitted. Like they had been forgotten in a run-down cemetery for ages. The painting was done in stages - a medium base coat followed by two coats, one light and one dark, applied with a sea sponge.

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foam insulation, some cloth, and a styrafoam head make a nice creepy tombstone. just remember to not use spray paint, it will eat the styrafoam. mix some fine sand into paint before you brush it on or scatter some over wet paint to get a stony look

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