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Major Martin Schächter -- RK: 12-5-40 Führer Sturmgruppe "Eisen" in der Fallschirmjäger Sturmabteilung "Koch", pin by Paolo Marzioli


Horst Ludwig Wessel was a German National Socialist activist and an SA-Sturmführer who was made a posthumous hero of the Nazi movement following his violent death in 1930.

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#Emil #Maurice was SS member No. 2 after Adolf Hitler and the leader of Hitler's first bodyguard detail. A close friend of the Leader from the old days, Maurice claimed a special position in Hitler's inner entourage. #Himmler (SS member No. 168) was deeply jealous of Maurice and tried to expel him from the SS because of Maurice's distant Jewish ancestry. The effort failed because of Hitler's personal intervention. Maurice survived the war and died in 1972.