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La vida és patiment. És difícil. El món està maleït. No obstant, tu trobes raons per continuar vivint. - Osa (La princesa Mononoke)

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With much sadness, it was announced that Studio Ghibli will be -briefly pausing- its animation production department. [EDIT: The news is not final.] Their films have been some of my favorites, and their characters have inspired me since childhood. Here’s to them and the wonderful stories they have given us.

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21 Amazingly Profound Quotes From Hayao Miyazaki

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Things Studio Ghibli Taught Me [GIF set] I really needed this today.
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Me: *finds Totoro* Also Me: *Not trained for forest survival, therefore I attempt to feed him raw bacon*

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Little Miss Paint Brush

Spirited Away - Zeniba ❤ woke up this morning to find my little sister watching this movie, so i watched with her

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