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Today, we used adjectives to describe ourselves! First, I had the students use their white boards to brainstorm 7 adjectives. This allowed me to quickly fix their spelling as well as correct any words that weren't actually adjectives. Then, they made this project (copied their adjectives onto small pieces of white paper, drew/cut themselves out, and wrote their name at the top):

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easy to make picture frames-students fold paper into fourths, cut out an L shape, and the then cut the design out along the outer edge

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Self Esteem Portraits

Self Esteem Portraits...student writes 20 things they like about themselves inside the drawing and classmates write compliments outside the drawing.

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Student's mosaic self portrait. Kid's 100th day of school activity. Ideas for kid's DIY, craft, keepsake or school project. This is from 4 The Luv: {100 PiECeS of Emma}.

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First Week Watercolor Portraits

Student self-portraits using watercolor are a great first week of school activity. It's also a fun project to repeat at the end of the school year. Read all about how to use this fun idea in the classroom.

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Mixed Media Self Portrait. These were awesome. Little kids did the backgrounds, came up with words that described them and added it on top on canvas boards. Big wow factor for the parents. What an awesome idea!!

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What I am doing the first day of class with my students. They will learn what schemata means starting day one and will hear it everyday

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