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from Dr. Axe

Structured Water: The Next Best Treatment for Muscular, Skin and Mood Disorders

What is structured water? #health #holistic #natural


Structured Water – The Only Kind You Should Be Drinking

Vitbot is a unique water bottle that changes the molecular structure of water through its Golden Ratio design. Proven by magnifying water crystals before and after.

Does Geometrically Structured Water have properties that can lead to longevity? Has Earth's water deteriorated from what was once known as "living water"?


Inspired by nature, the Vitbot bottle has been designed with an oval shape and Phi proportion in order to allow water to move in a vortex inside.Thanks to this vortex motion, the minerals and electrolytes in all beverages allow our body to assimilate the properties and benefits of the water, juice, etc. more efficiently. #water #healyourself #loveyourself #love

Nature inspired water bottle. #vitbot #waterbottle #brilliance #natureinspireddesign #natural #magic #h20 #water