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Cells Task Cards with Game Board {Editable Template}

This set of 80 Cell Task Cards with editable template is a fun and effective way for student to review cell structures and functions. These task cards will support individual review (especially for early finishers) as well as promote student centered collaborative learning that will keep students engaged while reinforcing concepts at the same time. The game board will turn the the task cards into a fun review game that will have your students asking for more!

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Cell Structure, Function & Cellular Processes - Science Interactive Notebook

Over 30 interactive science notebook activities for cells! Characteristics and needs of life, levels of organization, cell theory, microscope parts, Robert Hooke, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell comparison, cell organelle structure and function, osmotic solutions, cellular respiration and photosynthesis, mitosis, active and passive transport, and MORE!

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Structure of Life Interactive Notebook Pages

Structure of Life Science Interactive Notebook Pages - Journal Templates: Body Systems, Plant and Animal Cells, Cell Theory, Levels of Organization, Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic, Cell Organelles, Characteristics of Organisms and much more.


Cellular Anatomy Poster - 24" x 36" Biology Quick Reference Guide

24" X 36" laminated Poster Size Cellular Anatomy guide reference guide is a must. The constituent elements of both human cells and plant cells are described in this helpful Guide. Colour diagrams clearly depict figures are used to depict the structure of each type of cell, with all essential parts clearly defined. Full color graphics reveal the structure of plant and animal cells, as well as the different organelles.

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Cell Theory Foldable

This is a great foldable on the cell theory. It lists the three parts of the cell theory and gives some kind of visual image to help students make connections to the 3 parts of the cell theory. # 1 - "All living things are made up of cells." The foldable shows a bunch of different living things and in the middle there is a blank spot.

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Instaganelles: Instagram Activity for Cell Organelles

Students will have fun learning or reviewing the structure and function of cell organelles with this activity that merges science and social media. There are TWO versions of the activity included in this PDF file! Choose which one works best for YOUR classroom.Version 1 Teacher Directions: The following 4 pages do not include the names of the organelles.