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Three Act Structure - Make your Novel Satisfying

Many novels follow a three act formula. Find out more about three act novels and how to use this common story structure.

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The One Page Novel Plot Formula

Writing Spreadsheet - 8-stage plot structure with sample scenes and word counts. This formula is based partly on Dan Wells's 'Story Structure'. It's outlined in non-chronological order, and makes it very easy to see how multiple main characters and subplots interweave.

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Here's a novel outline that contains the common elements of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight.

Better Novel Project is all about deconstructing bestsellers, discovering what elements they have in common, and using these elements as a backbone for a new master outline. This project is not about creating a magic fill-in-the-blank formula. Instead, we are building a structural framework, based on what is proven to work, to contain our own unique stories.

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Classic Plot, Three Act Structure, Hero's Journey, Seven Point Plot Outline, Screenplay Structure

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Genetics DNA Transcription & Translation: Construct a Polypeptide Chain - Bundle

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Cómo hacer el post perfecto #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

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Ice is in fact a mineral. It's a naturally occurring compound with a defined chemical formula and crystal structure thus making it a legitimate mineral. #science #nature #geology #minerals #rocks #infographic #earth #ice

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