libraryseraph: i was going to make a joke about mewtwo babysitting, but then i remembered that mewtwo is recently created and mew is the first pokemon so they’re babysitting him

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I still remember cracking up at that part of the game. Also the kid in diamond with the Magikarp his "dad" gave him. NEWSFLASH: Your father never loved you.

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Sylveon: Dragon Slayer

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A crowdsourced chart showing the rarest Pokémon you can catch in Pokémon GO.

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I wish I played the original games... I was clearly born in the wrong generation.

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the best Trainers base their gaming on this, because Pokemon are just animals with special powers, and if they DID exist, we would treat them just like we treat our new puppy or kitty, or old parrot that only has a while left, or the hamster that lives on top of your dresser.

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