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Strong man DIY costume. Bicycle shorts w/straps. Red tank w/spray painted lines. Foam-stuffed pantyhose worn as a top (w/crouch cutout). Dumbbell made from black balloons (painted #'s) and dowel core fabric roll (painted black). Velco mustache (fuzzy side). Curled slick hair.


Coolest Homemade Circus Strong Men Costumes

Coolest Homemade Circus Strong Men Costumes: I purchased spandex material, one muscle suit (for female), two mustache's, tall boots, one bald/nude wig, two wooden dowels and four foam balls to ... Coolest Halloween Costume Contest


Circus Strong Man Toddler Costume & MORE

We’re not huge on Halloween at our house. I’m not one for the spooky and scary stuff, but I love the idea of dressing up and make a costume for the little man is so fun. Last year was our first Halloween and JDub went as a scuba diver. While I had enough energy to... Read More »


$14.29 Guario=Strong Man! (Add a tank) Featuring padded muscles with a Velcro back closure, this Muscle Chest Adult Shirt will have you looking like a gym fanatic. This Muscle Costume Shirt goes great with a pair of blue jeans so you look like a contestant of the strong man competition, strip as a Chippendale dancer or for use under your superhero costume to give you the appearance of having big, strong muscles that are ready to save beautiful damsels in distress.


OMG—strong man costume with stick on mustache and tattoos, pomade hair, and barbell! Toddler Boy Wrestling Singlet Halloween Costume 2t 3t 4t and 5t. $35.99, via Etsy.


Carney Circus Muscle Man

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