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Nothing wrong whatsoever with a father and son relationship that's more hands-on. If we can hug and comfort them when they're a toddler, we can hug and comfort them when they're thirty!

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Men with big, strong hands! With veins & when you can see his forearm muscles move. Definitely one of my top 3 major turn-ons! Following closely behind blue eyes & a uniform.

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found: warrior lover. wild eyes. strong hands. poet's heart.

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This image has been composed so the farriers arm which is closest to the camera is the main focus, and the how he is off the right hand side so your eye is led down the image smoothly to the horses hoof. The lighting is very direct onto the farrier. Is has been put into a sepia tone to give the image an overall better feel to it.

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"Lead me with strong hands, stand up when i can't. show me you're willing to fight, that i'm still the love of your life" I adore this song & this is exactly what i would say to a man

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Wish I was that strong.

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Michelle Obama

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Forearms, big watch, strong hand, yummy lips, lick-able jawline, oy.

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Many people looked down on Queen Elizabeth for being a female, although, she ruled with a strong hand and kind heart.

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