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From experience, I know this t be very true. If we are honest with ourself, we are going to have inner conflict. If we don't wear a mask with another person, we are going to have conflict. Conflict is a necessary component to growth and learning; it's necessary for change; it's necessary for a deeper connection. The only way to avoid conflict is to hide your true self. In doing so, you'll always feel alone, no matter how easy a relationship is.

from Unveiled Wife

A Positive Life Verse for Young Couples

Baby I pray all those words you sent me in that pin are true... you know how much I love you and I want to be your everything... I feel amazing and complete with you.. I have happiness like none other when you and I are together!!! I miss you love and I want you to come home to me.. I love you so much!!!!


It's easy to be a happy couple when you have not given yourself the time as a couple to make it through those obstacles... True love is when you have gone through years of fighting obstacles and in the end, are still happy and in love <3