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This straitjacket restrained adult patients in psychiatric hospitals during the 1930s through to the 1960s. It is made of heavy canvas. It has four ties on the main body and excessively long arms. These wrap around and tie behind the back. Such garments restricted the movements of patients considered violent or unruly. Their use was phased out when anti-psychotic drugs and more ‘humane’ methods of management were introduced.

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WHERE CAN I GET ONE!!!!!...and not one of those cheep costume ones,i want an actual one!!!!!*A*

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Transiently Enlightening

You've just been taken to Shreveport General on a 72 hold. What will you see when you're here? Are the vampires going to get to you? Will you survive? { Roleplay Blog } To join, just send an ask. Our...

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" Something so benign for me construed as cruelty ,Such a difference between who I am and who you see , Conclusions you come to of me routinely incorrect , I don’t know who you’re talking to with such fucking disrespect,This shit’s making me crazy, The way you nullify what’s in my head, You say one thing do another ,And argue that’s not what you did,Your way’s making me mental, How you filter as skewed interpret, I swear you won’t be happy til I am bound in a straight jacket " Alanis

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The Blonds Fall 2013: Slasher Sashay

all I have ever wanted or needed :-) (The Blonds, Fall 2013)

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Orthopedic practices to correct body deformities influenced the leather straps and buckles in this fashion collection

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