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Storyboard for Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' "The sharply increasing pitch of the angles explain Stewart's oncoming vertigo and inability to reach Novak. Hitchcock planned a complex zoom-in, pull-out camera shot with rotation to achieve this. Very complex and highly effective" KB


gladiator-storyboard-by-Sylvain-Despretz-Objects go out of the picture plane - Contrast of viewpoint, color, and detail. Use of asymmetrical balance for dynamic quality.


In product design, the users manual is also a important part of the consideration, because by giving a manual book to the users, the users should be able to follow its sequence which in this case mean to understand the order of the picture and find link to continue reading and understanding them. Each pictures should be simple (without too many details unless needed) and visual (recognizable), and strongly related (can use arrows, words to link).