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I nearly missed the joke

As Luke points out, it's impossible to see anything with the helmet on. The war…

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'Star Wars' Costume Designer Breaks Down 'The Force Awakens'

“I decided that I would make a definite delineation between the warring armies,” he says. So in contrast to the Resistance, the First Order members predominantly appear in black, teal blue, and steel gray, with the Stormtroopers again in white. Their costumes also feature hard lines, like in the uniform worn by General Hux.

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So happy to announce my first Star Wars print release with ACME Archives of Finn from Force Awakens.

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Rough day on Tattooine. It's like they let a smuggling ship blast its way out of Mos Eisley spaceport or something.

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Stormtroopers in kilts - only way to make this more awesome is if it were rebels; think Han Solo: shirt, vest and KILT!!

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Random Inspiration 124

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