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Stores Like Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a store I love because you can definitely depend on the quality and it's fashion forward. Having it's own statement and style of product this retailer gives me the inspiration to try something new and experiment with my style. It helps me find a new part of me. That's what I want to keep in my mind with my dream career. I want people to be able to feel comfortable experimenting with trends and finding new ways to express themselves.


Interview: Artist Leah Flores Combines Her Love of Nature with Inspirational Quotes

Artist Leah Flores combines inspirational quotes with stunning landscape photography to inspire everyone to get up, get out, and get living.


Most of us have had this moment: you’re browsing in the aisles of a store like Urban Outfitters, when you stumble on an item of clothing that’s clearly inspired by the traditional prints, textiles, or craftsmanship of another culture. Maybe it’s a shirt that looks like a sarape, or Native American-inspired beadwork; it likely looks[.....]