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Noam Chomsky. Can't help but think that there is so much violence in the world because of our complacency to kill animals. We choose to kill, we don't need to kill.


25 Unknown Facts about Donald Trump OMG ... I couldnt stop laughing, lol. I am in full support of this wall building mission, but hey lets not forget that not only is it located in Central America, that is also connected with Belize they need serious regulations enforced too. Most of them are evil illegally reside in the US, terrorizing fellow citizens through varies forms of crimes other disarray. In addition to other related Caribbean Island immigrants, their embassy needs to be i...

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We can’t stop terrorism if we don’t account for blowback

Before the nineteenth century, “empathy” didn’t exist in the English language. The newness of the word made possible a major plot point of “Funny Fa


Bill Gates Weighs In on Apple’s Clash With the F.B.I.

The Microsoft co-founder said that stopping terrorism is in the public interest, but that government needs must be balanced with privacy safeguards.

Watch: Seo Eon And Seo Jun Can't Stop Terrorizing Their Dad With Their Pranks During the November 20 episode of KBS2's “The Return of Superman,” Lee Hwi Jae's twin sons Seo Eon and Seo Jun may be little terrors at times, but they show that they still know the difference between right and wrong. The father and sons trio flew to ...

If you stop and think about it for too long, the world seems pretty dark. Thousands of people are battling cancer and other life-altering diseases. Innocent people are grieving loses from sickness, war and terrorism. It seems like more and more people are living through the pain of broken relationships, rejection and abandonment. While we may be fully …