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And if you can't stop paying attention, it's because you really do like it (you're just afraid to admit it).

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Ya Stop Feeding It Crap- Because thats whAt you do your Crap over all the Good... Hmmm Wonder why... you make The Most Beaut afoul love Ugly.. Hmm

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Addiction sucks. It doesn't care about you.. Your family .. Your future.. Your dog. It just sucks. But it is absolutely treatable. I wish more people understood that change was possible and so many people stopped dying. So if your someone in recovery tr

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We cannot turn away from what. Is too painful. If it hurts you to see, stand up and do whatever I can to stop it from happening!

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Anxiety doesn't always begin "naturally". Sometimes it is the end result of years of abuse, whether it's mental/emotional or physical. Be gentle with people that have anxiety issues, you never know what their story is.

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