Students love comparing and contrasting different versions of Stone Soup around Thanksgiving! This unit has tons of ideas for building community during the holidays, all while reading and writing!

Stone Soup: A Literacy and Community Unit

Stone Soup unit focused on literacy and community! Students compare and contrast different versions of the book, Stone Soup, and get a better understanding of community!

stone soup - would be so fun to do with the kids! Then while it's cooking reread the book Stone Soup! :)

DIY stone soup - would be so fun to do! Then while it's cooking read the book Stone Soup!

A week long plan for doing a Stone Soup in your classroom.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Stone Soup

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Stone Soup poem

My dad told me this story when I was a child. Its better told as a story about a hungry man who tricks passers by into putting ingredients into his stone soup so he has a meal. Maybe incorporate it into an interactive story/cooking activity.

Stone Soup Activities. Great site to find lots of educational downloads for PreK, Kindergarten and 1st grade:)

Stone Soup Literacy and Math Activities

I Have Who Has For Stone Soup Best Seller! Perfect for Fairy Tales or Folk Tales Theme

Stone Soup Literacy and Math Activities

FREE Cauldron themed procedure writing

A Spooky Stew

what makes a classroom family? Can go along with lesson for 'Pumpkin Soup' during the fall. "Ingredients for a loyal friend" or "ingredients for a cooperative classroom". Vocabulary for lesson: loyal, cooperate

Soup from a Stone: A lesson in sharing  Use the fable of Stone Soup to teach children why it's important to share.  Use the recipe included (or your own favorite recipe) to make stone soup to complete your activity!

I was working on a batch of Stone Soup today, and thought it might be time to dig up, dust off, update, and reshare my favorite Stone Soup lesson from three years ago.