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7 Facts About Tungsten Carbide Burrs and How To Use Them By Eternal Tools. All you ever wanted to know about the various shapes and what each one does, the different cuts, the shanks sizes available and how to use carbide burrs on all metals, all stone, ceramic, fibreglass, hard wood and reinforced plastics.

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Carving Expert Stone Carving Set Polishing Rotary Tools Diamond Burr Accessories for Gambling/ Betting Stone, Jewelry, Glass, Stone, Ceramic-fit Dremel Rotary Tools,

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I have always wanted to do this, and now I see beeswax is good for rubbing on before carving.

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Carve Stone

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7 facts About Tungsten Carbide Burs and how t use them. Tungsten Carbide burrs can be used on: all metals, stone, ceramic, porcelain, hard wood and reinforced plastics.Great for engraving, carving, shaping and cutting. They come in many different shapes, sizes and with different cuts such as single cut flutes and double cut flutes. This article explains all.

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Avocado stones are a beautiful medium for carving, and a great way to reuse waste. Using lino-cutting tools, I released this strange little face from within the stone. The stone is soft at first and is easy to carve. When exposed to air, the stone gradually hardens and feels like wood. Have a look at my instagram: @avocadostonefaces

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