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Happy Thursday! . ❄Fun fact: it's always easier for me to get an expression or a head tilt from Lizzie. Ally makes things a bit more challenging with her serious poker face and not always wanting to look at the camera They both make me laugh with their different personalities though ❤ . Still a few more hours left to get your entries in for the #2016WinterExtravaganza contest! Check out my stories for the prizes you can win and don't miss out! . . #dogsofcanada#goldenretriever#ilovegolde...


They may not know I exist but they mean the world to me, and they are the only reason i'm still here. ❤️ Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Crankgameplays.

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APOLLO - A1100797 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 01/10/17 A volunteer writes: A face like Gizmo the gremlin (right down to the ears!), the body of a meatball, and a heart of gold? That’s Apollo! He can seem a little anxious sometimes in this strange new place (and, like all of the cutest dogs, is camera shy!), but still manages to be COMPLETELY charming, sweet and endearing. He seems housebroken, walks very nicely on leash, and that smile of his could light up a coal m


PenCam Mini Video Camera & Recorder

Have you ever wished that you were a secret agent with all those too cool gadgets? You can now start your arsenal of spy gadgets with a spy pen camera. The Swann DVR-421 PenCam is a fully functional black ballpoint pen that has a hidden pinhole camera. The PenCam can take both still pictures and video clips.


Make a camera strap & Laura Ashley giveaway


8GB Spy Pen 8GB USB video camera spy pen by 8GB Spy Pen. $37.58. This is a stylish real useable ball point pen, a hidden video camera with sound, a still camera, 8GB storage capacity, which can also be used as a memory stick/thumb/flash drive for storing documents, music video etc. This pen has it all! ! Recordings can be made discretely whilst in a top pocket, being held, or placed in a pen tidy etc. The tiny hidden lens is just above the pen's clip, with simple top push b...


Mara Mattia Art: DIY Paper Dispenser, Still Life Stage & Overhead Camera Mount For My Art Studio