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Thirty One flat iron case - use sticky backed velcro tape to adhere it to the inside of a cabinet door. You won't have to wait for it to cool off to put it away! Then, when you need to pack it in your suitcase, just peel it off the cabinet ! Genius!

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Structured sort by color + fine motor task. Students sort links by color into cups. Have students take the links apart in order to sort to make the task harder. Cups are on velcro so they can be moved to change the order. Made using: colored duct tape, baby food containers, half of a 3-ring binder, box that my checks came in, plastic links, sticky backed velcro

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Celebrating Dr. Seuss with Wacky Wednesday

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Felt Weather Chart Eco-Friendly Learning toy Montessori Today is chart

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I Tried Out 4 Lazy-Girl Shirt-Gapping Solutions, And Got Surprisingly Lucky

Spoiler: Sticky-backed velcro is the answer. I Tried Out 4 Lazy-Girl Shirt-Gapping Solutions, And Got Surprisingly Lucky

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1. trace the desired state from your laptop onto lined paper with a pencil 2. cut out state 3. flip over the cut out and trace it with a marker on the back of glitter foam (this way when you cut it the sticky side will be on the right side) 4. cut state out following the marker lines 5. peel the backing and place on board 6. cut out heart with red paper and place near the city you're from 7. hang with 3M removable velcro

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Time Flies Airplane themed birthday: Highchair Airplane: elastic with a safety pin used to hold skirt around the highchair. sticky back Velcro held it in place and made it removable until party. hot glued ribbon. made propeller from cardboard and spray paint. sign above says: "birthday boy parking only"

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Velcro Brand Sticky Back, 24 inch x 3/4 inch Tape, Black

What’s Needed: Headbands for each child (Budget Saving Tip- Cut bands of fabric from sleeves of adult size T-shirts. They are soft and washable.) Index Cards Velcro sticky tabs Marker Instructions: Write the names of the Bible books on individual cards. Add Velcro dots to the headband and the backs of the cards. Children put…

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