Aerosmith's Steven Tyler in family portrait with his four children (by three different mothers) | Mail Online

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Pregnant actress Liv Tyler and her father Steven Tyler spend some father/daughter time together with her kids in New York City, New York on June 23, 2016.

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Axl Rose 'Guns n' Roses' / Steven Tyler 'Aerosmith' Wish i was there

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Chances are, you shouldnt dress like Steven Tyler. Only Steven Tyler can dress like Steven Tyler. So if your name isn't Steven Tyler and your band isn't #aerosmith...And also, like five men on the planet can paint their nails and wear eyeliner and look hot. One of them in particular. Anyway, you probably shouldn't risk it, mathematically speaking in consideration of most men.

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Steven Tyler in a dress looking thing...........Dude looks like a lady!!!!

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Steven Tyler's scarf style ! Why not.... A good friend of mine (hello J.) said she would wear it next time we have lunch together.... LOL. Should I go to lunch or not ???

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