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Monocotyledonous Sabal palm tree, favorite in Southern US seascapes.

Sabal Palmettos on Charleston Street - Photo by Steve Nix

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The Douglas Fir is not a true fir. Learn more about a "not so" fir tree.

dfir_mortongrave.jpg - Steve Nix

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Killing unwanted woody-stemmed plants.

Photo by Steve Nix

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Here are 5 methods used to identify a dormant tree in winter

- Steve Nix

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Dormant Tree Identification Gallery

Flowering dogwood twig - Steve Nix

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Red Maple Bark

Red Maple Bark - Steve Nix

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Picking Winners of MLB Position Battles

steve nix phillies | Predicting the Winner of Every MLB Teams Biggest Position Battle ...

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There are several tricks you can use to prepare your black walnut crop.

A Collection of Walnuts - Photo by Steve Nix, Licensed to

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Yellow poplar is a straight trunked tree with beautiful flowers.

Yellow Poplar - Photo by Steve Nix

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Electric chainsaws are considered good Investments for tree pruning

- Photo by Steve Nix