Steve McQueen by Sid Avery

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Sixties | Steve McQueen #VenusEnAries Siempre es el primero y con accesorios rojos, su color de la suerte.

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Steve McQueen | Back Set of The Magnificent Seven | 1960 | as Vin Tanner

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Terence Steven "Steve" McQueen was an American actor. He was called "The King of Cool." His "anti-hero" persona, developed at the height of the Vietnam counterculture, made him a top box-office draw of the 1960s and 1970s. Wikipedia Born: March 24, 1930, Beech Grove, Indiana, United States Died: November 7, 1980, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico Spouse: Barbara Minty (m. 1980–1980), Ali MacGraw (m. 1973–1978), Neile Adams (m. 1956–1972) TV shows: Wanted: Dead or Alive Children: Chad McQueen, Terry…

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