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Chief Theresa Spence: On Dec. 11, 2012 she started a hunger strike until Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper and Queen Elizabeth II agree to meet with her to resolve Harper's revoking elements of the treaty between First Nations People and the Canadian Government, relating to minning and drilling rights.


And the award for the worst climate change record in the industrialized world goes to…

Thank you Stephan Harper; we couldn't have earned this award without your leadership. And we beat out ‬Iran, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia.

Canadian leaders gone wild in three-way debate battle

NOPE. A sign featuring an illustration of Conservative leader, Stephan Harper.

Native News Update January 4, 2013 - This weekend's stories: PM Stephan Harper agrees to meet with First Nations – Chief Spence to continue hunger strike until meeting; Idle No More is here to stay; Violence Against Women Act fails to be reauthorized; Bad River Tribe set to discuss concerns on proposed iron ore mine; Sanford Health to hire traditional healers; NAPT announces corporate name change to 'Vision Maker Media.'


Is this meal worth $150? Government spent more than $32,000 on Israel plane food - National

Is this meal worth $150? Canadian "Government" (Stephan Harper) and their entourage spent more than $32,000 on plane food on a trip to Israel.

NEW POLL SHOWS CANADIANS WANT MARIJUANA LAW REFORM. Even as the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephan Harper institutes harsher penalties for some marijuana offenses, a new poll finds that nearly two-thirds of Canadians favor either decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana, while less than one-third favor the status quo or even harsher penalties.


۞ A longtime supporter and spokesperson for the ASPCA, singer Sarah McLachlan loaned her hit song Angel to a commercial for the organization that went on to help reportedly raise more than $30 million. She also has contributed a song to the Defense of Animals Benefit Compilation and contacted Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper about making seal hunting illegal in her home country. McLachlan also funds an outreach program in Vancouver that provides music education for inner city children.


A Letter to Justice LeSage about the Ontario College of Teachers -- Based on these cases and others we have observed, it is our opinion that the OCT is deficient in performing its functions in respect to investigative and disciplinary processes and decisions.

Summer LNG session a desperate move, “People in B.C. should really be very upset about this because it’s essentially giving a resource owned by the public to a state-owned multinational.”

Reform Cons are all in the habit of lying for power. Stephan Harper as leader is the biggest liar of them all & will do & say anything in an attempt to gain power & advantage. Example: this photo taken without parent or Scouts Canada permission. READ: Ruby Sahota, Liberal Candidate, Incensed At Tory Parm Gill's outright lies & it isn't the first lie from Gill.