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Step Mother: One who does all the things that a Biological Mom does, yet gets rejected and degraded regardless of how great she is. She loves and care for anothers child with all she has while denying her own happiness. She invests her heart and soul into a child that she did not birth. She sustains mistreatment and unfairness, yet remains steadfast in her battle. She is portrayed as a monster, although she is a saint. She waits and hopes for the day that she will be...

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So very true. I love them both like I love my biological children. And when people ask me I say they are mine. Because it's the truth. They are my children :)

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Oh my there are far too many children running around like this. Its sickening that its actually encouraged in some homes.

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I love those three kids so much. So blessed to have them in my life and they supported our relationship before we knew each other. Who would have thought that my nephews best friends father and long time football coach would be the love of my life.

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Can we help you grow your family? Visit Our Children's Keeper at and complete the online inquiry form.

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Adoption Quote I Didn't Give You The Gift Of Life, Life Gave Me The Gift Of You Wall Decal

Adoption Quote I Didn't Give You The Gift Of by ScriptumInMuris. quotes. advice. wisdom. life lessons.

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What consist of a Family

If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable – each segment distinct. ~Letty Cottin Pogrebin

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Mom and step-mom, two separate roles earned... Especially being so athletic and flexible... I love that my step daughter is getting so into her dance.

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Wow I couldn't say it better! I love my kiddos! No matter what! I my have not birthed then, but try and tell them I'm not there mama too! I thank there birth mom for letting me share with her!

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